Sunday, 25 September 2011

Back on track

Its been a very long time since my last blog. sorry but since last time there has been not much on the fitness side going on since achieving the half ironman several months ago. it seems as if my mindset was just to do that and give up altogether :-(

Anyhows, since then unfortunately i have gone back on the smokes and stopped running, cycling and halfed the amount of daily swimming each day. really noticed how unfit i was especially each friday when i play a game of footie with some friends; every ten minutes or so im begging to jump back into nets for a break, really feeling knackered!

Over the last 2 weeks i have tryed to get back on track again. I went for short 3 mile runs both last weekend and today, and also today i went for a 20 minute cycle. felt good to be back out - brought back memories of why i love triathlon training so much. hopefully i stick with it and get back to my old self. I have also been 2 weeks almost off the ciggies with help of the smoking patchs.

On the swimming side i am thinking of concentrating more on technique with regard to trying out things iv never took any heed of before - number of strokes, better form (from Total Immersion) and also trying backstroke for a few laps in each session. I never realised how technical swimming can b when you start analyzing different parts of it.

Last but not least, i recently heard of the forefoot running style. i tryed it today (for only about 20 seconds), felt a bit weird but i understand why it should reduce the impact damage on knees.

Hopefully not too long til next blog :-)