Tuesday, 30 October 2012

October 2012 - Bits and pieces

Since last blog I haven’t done anything special to write about but I have just tried to be a bit of a mixture of low mileage runs and trying the odd commute to work. 

I recently subscribed to a couple of magazines – outdoor fitness and one of the triathlon magazines. With both magazines I got freebies with them
Huub transition bag -
This bag has some good reviews if you do a google search on it. I haven’t tested it out in an event but I did see if it fitted all my standard gear in it and it does do ok. It has plenty of sturdy pockets which should be good and a wet bag for your suit. The only negative I would say is that it’s a bit tight. I normally use an basic oversized sports bag with a wide open top to it as I like to rummage around sorting and checking things on an event day and I think this type of bag whilst it carries everything you need and is quality made isn’t as user friendly to those that panic like me who want to check is they have packed their extra swim goggles and they are at bottom of your bag under everything. With this bag I would have to empty a lot before I can access what I need to get.

Trial runners i got as a freebie also -

These trail runners have the thickest tread on runners I have ever seen. Just because runners and thick tread don’t be fooled into thinking that makes them better. Sometimes too much tread can trap excess mud and stones causing you to carry this extra weight. They are basic low branded type. I have only used them a couple of times but hopefully I will do more trail running in the likes of cavehill in the New Year and get some use out of them

During this month me and Caroline went over to see good friends Agnes and Colin in Edinburgh for the weekend. Last yr I went over and during this I had gone to their gym which had a treadmill. I hate treadmills and they should be called ‘dreadmills’, so boring and so warm in those mini gyms that hotels and apartments have. I love running outside and this time when I went to see our friends I decided to get myself lost for about an hour each time and run around the town. Here are some pics –



Finally, this last couple of weeks I have managed twice a week to commute to work. Loving this but realising now that it starting to get darker, wetter and colder out there so I don’t know how lond this will last.



Over the last weekend did my first proper hill run training session. 3 by 1 mile repeats (total of 6 miles)

I have always wanted to try this as I hear hill running strengthens your legs. I have to admit a loved it, although tough very enjoyable, especially as I really felt my upper leg muscles pretty sore the next day, do I must be doing something right. Also at the bottom of the hill i was pretending to be a 'pro' in a race whereby i was swinging around a lampost with my arm and slinging myself back up the hill - i must have looked like a real egit to drivers passing by.

Yesterday was Dublin marathon. Wish I had done it. Might do next yr but it is double the price of Belfast marathon plus the fact that travel and need to take a day off work kind of puts me off it. Might do next yr.

Tonight I tried my first proper night time running following the change in time and the clock going back an hour making the evenings really dark. We are currently minding Tess, my mum and dads dog for a while instead of trusty McGregor but Tess really enjoyed the 4 mile run around Carryduff.

Finally, I am really pleased with myself for achieving something I have been trying to do for couple of yrs. i have been using a familiar 6 mile route around queens pec stranmillis area and I have been trying to do a 8 minute mile pace for it. Over the last couple of weeks I twice got under 48 minutes and well chuffed. Yepee!