Thursday, 19 January 2012

Stuck for Words and Waving to Cows

Went to the launch meet up of the NI Decaman at Chainreaction store tonight. Went with main intention of meeting thee Gerry Duffy and hoping he would be doing a short talk about his events he has done (32 marathons in 32 days around Ireland ) then recently doing a Decaman (10 ironmans, 10 days) (and winning!).
When I arrived a bit early I quickly realised it was only a meet and greet session and promotional launch for the first NI Decaman run by Tri Limits. To be honest I was a bit overwhelmed whilst waiting to speak with Gerry as I stood and waited around and decided to browse around the store.

I was one of the few people on my own and the main key people at the launch where busy chatting to each other and getting about 100 friggin photos taken, I felt like a stalker in the background J eventually things quietened down and I was struck by the fact that 3 key sets of people were there that are involved in my challenge journeys over time  - Neill Grainger from Ulster Cancer Foundation (I went a few years back with him to Ben Nevis for charity fundraiser), then there was Robert from Tri Limits (whom organised my last half ironman for me last year), and finally Gerry, whom is currently someone who I hope to be a bit like with my crazy desire to hopefully do an Ironman and Ultra Marathon run sometime in the future.

I usually have little difficulty in chatting away to new people and rarely get nervous, but struck by these factors and the craziness of these inspiring people in front of me i quickly became nervious and dumbstruck.
Then when I eventually got round to finally plucking up the courage to speak to Gerry and ask him to sign my book ‘who dares runs’ I forgot the questions I wanted to ask him and forgot to ask him for a photograph.
At least I suppose I got his autograph and he wished me well to ‘good luck with the training’.

I also forgot to ask the guys from Tri Limits about maybe doing the cycle leg 112 mile portion in July single portion event of the Decaman events over July. Nonetheless, July I hope will have other priorities and if I don’t get the long cycle done then I’d be happy if I can do the Dublin Maracycle at least.

Endorphins Running High!
Since last time thankfully I have continued doing two or three runs a week and yesterday even did a commute to work on bike which felt great. My dog mcgregor has been taken a few times and he is loving it but im sure he thinks im crazy when he see’s me waving and saying hello to the horses and cows as I run past – not sure he’d understand that when your filled with natures natural drug euphoria it makes you do crazy things!

Until next time………c ya later and ‘enjoy your run’

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year’s Resolutions

Hi Friends, 

First of all Happy New Year! 

Well it that time of year to re-assess and set targets for the coming year. To be honest im both scared and quite exited looking into the unknown and looking forward to the crazy adventures im sure I will have. Since last blog I have done the smoke patch thing for 12 weeks, and since that slipped back on for a while but im re-focussed and hoping the New Year I will stay on track and be fit and healthy. I noticed also towards the end of the year I almost put on a stone in weight so I need to get back into training to burn off those cal’s !

Anyhow with regard to what I’ve been doing training wise, well not much has changed. I continue to regularly swim but only for about 15 mins each day. The last couple of weeks iv clocked about 4 runs which im pleased with and especially tonight with my first 6 mile run in several months. It went very well especially because I also managed to take my dog with me on a dark country road run with most of it on non pavement roads. I used my new Petzl Tikka XP head torch which I would highly recommend as it makes those dark dangerous road runs a lot safer and more fun. Me and my training partner (McGregor the dog) startled field of sheep and also a field of a few horses that where in nearby fields as we ran past.

Unfortunately I have not been doing any cycling but hopefully I will soon. My aim in the coming months is to initially focus on running, then introduce weekend cycles and hopefully the odd cycle to work, March time increase long swims (as I will be doing April 5k swimathon) then May the Belfast Marathon. After this my priority aim is the half ironman in Dungannon. I am going to aim to beat my PB of 6hrs 4 mins for this. If into the latter part of the year I could do bonus aims these would be either of /all of: - Dublin /Belfast Maracycle, Mourne Way Half Marathon and finally possibly another half ironman  

This year I would also like to introduce some cross training and also try out some specific workout types (eg tempo run, fartlek runs, speed intervals). I might also look into self testing lactate threshold.

Before I leave I forgot to mention that I might do a blog listing the podcasts from itunes I regularly listen to. These are mostly triathlon related but I find them very helpful and motivating.

Best of luck to fellow fitness bloggers out there for the New Year!

Take care,

Phil J