Sunday, 9 February 2014

February 2014 - Run Forest Run

Bleeding Running :-)


Run Training Plan -

The training plan is going very well . I am getting back into the swing of running in the morning before work which is fun, especially running past a bakery in the morning, the smell of that fresh bread, mmmmmm.
The plan is a bit heavier than previous running plans iv followed, but so far so good so I will continue to stick to it. Basically it is a 5 day run program.

Friday Footie - Back after very long break

The last couple of weeks iv started back at the Friday football which I love. This time its at a 3G Pitch instead of an astro turf pitch. The pitch is a lot smaller, but this should help if there is only as little as 5 or 6 turn up - which can happen at times. Footie is a fun thing to do at the end of a week at work and the lads are good craic. Here is we video I found of Dunville Park where we play in Belfast.
Unfortunately I'm not getting any younger and need to be pretty careful in case I pick up an injury which could affect my running. In a normal game of play there are many twists, turns and sudden jolts that my poor wee legs and joints get and knowing my luck I could easily twist something, but thankfully iv been lucky so far.

Skins - leg compression tights

The leg compression tights iv tried twice after an 18 miler and a 20 miler and both times I feel that they help post long runs. I did some research and to be honest I think the jury is still out as to whether compression gear actually works, but even if its merely a psychological advantage, I'm happy with this. I got them at a descent price as they were the outgoing type with newer Skin model just recently released.

Finger Cuts

Finding running in the cold bit tougher this year more than normal. Not that the temperature is overly colder than to be expected but I just think that my fingers cant seem to cope very well as I keep getting finger splits on mostly my thumbs and long fingers. I have started wearing the gloves whilst running, but the splits are there for near three weeks and they are a real pain in the ass.

Trail running


Recently iv tried more to get out and do more trail running ideally once a week if I can. Over the last few weeks iv done Stormont estate and also Barnett's demesne  which is beside Mary Peters Track. Both trails are fairly short so you just have to do a good few laps to build up the miles.
I really enjoy the variety trail running is offering me with the technical aspect to running up and down with different terrains. Hopefully when the weather dries up a bit more I might go back and do Cavehill, but I think at the moment the trails and the grassland is still fairly marshy with all the rain we have been having lately. It has been a very wet winter compared to last year when it snowed a fair bit instead.

Running in Barnett's demesne - new trail running experiences - loving it!

Reboot with Joe
I have been doing a few meal replacements recently using Joe Cross 'Reboot' book. I did 3 day plan. This is whereby you substitute ordinary meals for more juices, smoothies and vegetable mix meals and soups - gorgeous soups ! It does mean that your vegetable intake increases dramatically and you take little to no processed foods. I have did some days with 100% according to the guide book, and some days a mixture of normal foods and some days normal eating only. I have found though that despite the extra time spent in the kitchen preparing the meals and extra time stacking up your Tesco trolley with only veggies, it really does make you feel healthier and I understand why the infamous 'Phil Staples' turned his life around after embracing the Joe Cross film
'Fat Sick and Nearly Dead' :-

Recently I have watched a few documentaries regarding food in todays diet of the average Joe Bloggs. I think its fair to say that after watching Super Size Me, most of us realise that eating burgers non stop is a bad idea. 
In other documentaries on even the likes of the BBC and channel four sometimes you learn more detail about our relationship with the likes of Salt, Sugar, Fat, Caffeine etc. If your interested in finding out more, do a search in YouTube for 'the truth about food' or the excellent 'the people who made us fat'. Nowadays, I know a wee bit more about emotional eating and strange as it sounds I stay well clear of 'lighter/low fat' foods.
I found a decent guy on Facebook who does a lot of running but drinks regularly juices instead of typical meals at times. He advised me to add protein  powder and add avocado (for more fat) to my juices to bulk them up a bit. I even did a long run recently where pre run I had sweet potato's; and dates and nuts (instead of gels) for during the run. Healthier alternatives are possible. 
Most of the time I still do porridge toast bananas etc with gels during long runs but I think its good to know you can have the healthier option once in a while too.
Long Way Home - Cycle Charity Ride - 365 miles
I still haven't been on the bike in a very long time which isn't good news cause iv just recently signed up for an amazing challenge the 'Long Way Home'.
I will post more on this at a later date but it is a new event lined up 29th May for 3 days of cycling a total of 365 miles around Northern Ireland for a charity which is raising funds to help support those in need in Africa.

Hopefully when there is some more daylight maybe I will get back on the saddle. I really need to get used to sitting on the saddle for long bike rides to prepare for this exiting event.

Well that's me folks until next time. Keep safe and enjoy the outdoors!