Saturday, 25 February 2012

All going according to plan

Hi Folks,

On the running front thankfully no injuries, the odd ache and minor niggles probably due to high volume of running mileage per week but hopefully nothing disastrous happens before any events this year. I’m really trying to stick to my run training schedule although it can be hard. The odd day over last couple of weeks I haven’t quite done the mileage stated for that day, although I try to change things a little by either doing a second short run later that day or adding a few miles the next day. The fitting in time wise can be difficult as anyone else would know that has followed a plan. I have to say though that I do believe that the body enjoys the routine and I especially love the endorphin rush – the body’s natural drug.

Today just done another long run but didn’t go great. Had to make a couple of ‘pit stops.’ Thankfully I managed these ok, but I think I regret drinking half a pint of apple juice last night – think it upset the stomach this morning.

Here are a few pictures I took recently of the 'Old Belfast Road', a quiet back country road near where I live in Carryduff

The other picture is of my best buddies......I mean guddies :-)

Will hopefully do another blog next week. Next week I have my biggest milage total to do. After that I will start to taper before the Causeway Crossing at the end of March. If all goes well at this I will then probably reduce running and start to get back to swimming longer and do the odd bike ride as I need to prepare for the swimathon in april and the Dublin Maracycle later in the year.

Until later…..Phil

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