Sunday, 30 December 2012

November December 2012 Update

Sorry for lack of blogging but to be honest since last posting there has been not much positive to write about. Anyhows I thought I would put a few comments on last two months before the year ends.

I have done a few more commutes to work on bike in early November. Now that its more dark and hazardous with colder wetter conditions I’m not so keen and have not done any more. I did get great waterproof trousers from my wife as a Christmas pressie, so who knows I might get out again before next spring. Heres hoping.

I have continued to do short runs a at least once a week with neighbour, but apart from that no more long runs. About 5 weeks ago to I got a foot injury on my right foot – 2nd metatarsal strain which plagued me for a couple of months last year. I was only doing a 4 mile easy run when it played up, but the pain stayed with me for a good 4 weeks easy. It was not major sore, just annoying more than anything. After long rest period I went and ran again and on my 2nd run back after resting I got injury on left foot toe area. Not sure exactly what it is called but it just felt as if I bent the set of toes inward quite severely and strained these also. That injury lasted about 2 weeks, but these last few days I feel better, thank god. I even went for a 7 mile run a couple of days ago with McGregor which I am really pleased with.

On the health side sadly I have been back on the smokes quite a bit but as I write this I have stopped yet again these last 4 days or so. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Tonight I did my first ever session on the indoor trainer forty minutes whilst watching X Men first class on the TV in the spare room. It was really good and something that I definitely should do more often as you can really work up a sweat. I was barely doing 12 mph and AHR of 110 so it wasn’t a hard effort workout, more a moderate level. The wife mind you had a few choice words to say when she heard the noisy racket I was making from the room.
I also tried out my iPhone app ‘daily workouts’ fitness workout for 10 minutes. These apps on smartphones are pretty cool and if prepared to use them you can program in them a set of exercises to do. They even time each set and you can listen to music and watch instructional videos whilst working out.

Hopefully I will do these again and have wanted to do some type of exercise routine for many years. Unfortunately I still find them pretty boring so I don’t hold much hope but I would like to include them into a weekly routine to help with core strength when preparing for next August.

Until next time…….

PS – Happy New Year!

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