Sunday, 17 February 2013

2013 - Jan Feb update

January / February 2013

Following last blog I haven’t done any of the iphone app core body exercise routines but I have seemed to have stopped the ciggies so that much is good. The indoor trainer I didn’t really enjoy so I have done a couple more commutes to work and I’m enjoying them so hopefully that continues.

Over the weekend I was away on a hotel break so that gave me a chance to properly look at looking at a plan for Bolton in august. I know its several months away, but I think its important to start the base training under my belt over the next few months.

Since last blog its been pretty dark both mornings and evenings, with only now in February showing signs of more daylight hours to train in safety. Also I had a minor hand operation which meant that I couldn’t swim for two weeks due to bandaging. Because I was a bit annoyed at this hindrance I ended up during these two weeks running almost every morning for 4 miles. It was kind of funny at times as the weather was pretty snowy. 
The recent bad weather was so bad I was delayed after the operation in Manchester due to flight cancellation then a couple of days after coming home I couldn’t get to work as snow so deep I couldn’t get car out of our cul de sac.
The trail runners I used in snow which proved very handy in snow and ice

Have to admit I loved running in the snow, so refreshing

On the swimming side I’ve done very little with only one proper longer swim doing a 1 miler. Based on looking at my training plan for coming months I need to clock up a lot of of time in the pool and do regular bike rides with weekend bricks. I don’t mind too much the running side but running off a long ride might prove difficult for me.

Over the last few weeks me and my wife have started taking my daughter to waterbabies. Aimee seems to love it despite her daddy ducking her wee head under the water and leaning her forward encouraging her to swim freestyle J

During the weekend away in Co Cavan, Slieve Russell hotel I managed to get a 11 miler in before a tasty fry up.

Made a few purchases recently. Following the recent bad spate of weather got a nice Aultura rain jacket which is reflective and rainproof. Bit on the dearer side but I got 20% off in my local bike shop just by getting them to match the Amazon website price. Also got replacement cycle overshoes as my existing ones starting to tear. Invested also in another long sleeve t shirt as these are handy.  I also got a cateye flashing front light as my main front light is a constant which isn’t really noticeable on the commutes to work as a flasher would be. With both running this should prove a lot safer for me. Finally I got a cateye strada wireless bike computer as my more basic bike computer which I had the last couple of years has stopped working. I know I have bought quite a few items however I had two Christmas vouchers which came in very handy.

Hopefully my next blog I hope to report on how I get on with my training plan.
Until next time....


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