Monday, 18 March 2013

Loving the long cycle rides

At the start of march I was away on a surf holiday for a few days. Whilst I did 4 mile runs each moring unfortunately I smoked each day which wasn’t too good. It was quite funny as some of the guys were calling me ‘smoking joe’ or ‘iron phil’. There was a small pool beside our apartments but it was so cold I didn’t do any swimming, just quick dips to cool off after my runs.

The weather is showing signs of improving as it rarely goes to zero now and there is daylight early morn until after 6 pm which helps for bike commutes or evening runs after work.

Although I was away from football on Fridays for a while I have been going the odd night back again but things like folks accidently stumping my feet or too many players can do my head in so im not as fussed to give it a miss from time to time. 

Since last entry I have been developed a more formal training plan as hoped. It is basically a mixture of a ironman training plan developed from Mat Fitzgerald which I got online and a normal marathon training plan which I use each year. Ideally I am using the 20 week plan for to see if I can be ready to do tri limits iron distance in June and the Belfast marathon in April. Ideally doing these events and maybe a couple of other events throughout the year on top of Bolton in august I would be very happy.

Not sure if it is because for the first time I have a plan to follow or sheer luck but although Im not following it strictly I do seem to be doing more cycling which is good.

 On the running side I have been running reasonably well, I have missed a few according to my plan but the weekend runs I seem to follow ok and I am not finding them as tough considering that my legs are having to cope with more frequent weekday commutes to work sometimes the day before. I still run with my neighbour for the odd run which is almost 4 miles and hopefully we will build this up to a higher distance sometime soon.

The plan I have shows that I should be doing regular large volume swims such as 80 laps or more on average but I’m lucky if I do 20 laps when I go. Over the last month I have only did one longer volume swim of 72 laps so I really need to increase this.

The cycling is really enjoyable. Over the last two weekends especially I have mapped out two longer rides one of 45 miles and this weekend of 55 miles. 

Sometimes you never know what you might come across :-)

 - well done Bethany Firth !

I also purchased a map book which I will take with me on the cycle rides to assist me if I think I am getting lost. i used it a couple of times when on my last weekend long ride. the map book is not too big and fits nicely into rear bike jacket pocket.

 I have to say that the last cycle ride around the ards peninsula was great. So peaceful and a real joy to ride.

All in all I think things are improving on the fitness front. My feet are showing slight signs of wear and tear with blisters etc and minor aches which sometimes when i run i fear might turn into another long term injury, but so far I have been ok. My bigest achievement since last blog is last weekend training with a long run Saturday and long cycle Sunday.

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